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#RelaxItsOnlyFlesh Denim Jacket - White

175 USD

The "Relax... It's Only Flesh" denim Jacket is your chance to join the #FreeTheNipple movement without the danger of getting arrested. Let's take the shame out of shameless and get nasty. Wear it out to dinner, to an art show, to a movie, on a date, to meet the parents and if you want to join the ranks of the bold, wear it to a job interview... that's right, you heard me, get a job you slacker! 

Anyyyywayyyy, these jackets are made to order. I get you order for a jacket, go to the thrift shop, buy a unisex jacket, go home, paint the jacket (using fabric paint), finish it and then SHIP IT TO YOU! :) Every jacket is unique and made by hand... so they are extra special✨


Torso Color - white, tan, brown, and now alien blue.
Jacket Size (Levi's jackets are loose-fit) - S, M, L
Jacket Color - light denim, dark denim, white (S,M), maroon (S,M)

// Jackets have been featured on: i-D magazine, Nakid Magazine, DNA Mag, Milk, and the Jaunties 😏

Dreams Incarnate is an artist's store that sells small and wearable works by Alexandra Velasco. You can find collages and drawings for your home as well as the infamous #RelaxItsOnlyFlesh hand-painted denim jackets.